Reduce test anxiety with these basic tips

The next ACT exam is on September 21.
Here are a few tips to help eliminate anxiety on test day.
  1. Be prepared. Take 3-5 full length practice exams. Time yourself. Analyze the results. If you need to brush up on your math skills, the is THE best online resource. The Purdue Owl (Online Writing Lab) is my favorite source for Reading and English. Both sites offer clear, concise explanations, and exercises to help you anchor the knowledge.
  2. Choose a test site where you won’t know other students-you may have to drive a little farther, but you won’t be subjected to the anxious ranting of friends just before the exam. You will also eliminate any issues with cheating-they won’t know how smart you are.
  3. I suggest you sign up to take the test at least three times this year. (Be sure to check dates on your school calendar; last year the Prom fell on a test day.) The first two tests are for analysis and training. Take the test for practice only. There is no reason to be anxious if your scores are private. Use the second test to check for skill improvement. By the third time you should be confident enough to eliminate your test anxiety and perform at your best.
  4. Avoid making plans the weekend of the exam. When your brain wanders 3/4 of the way through; you don't want something more interesting to think about.
  5. A good testing coach can help you analyze your test taking skills, improve your focus, and stream line your study time.
Have tips to add-I'd love to hear them!
Karen Ponder

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